Climate modeler helps real people

Victoria Breeze used to be a proposal writer for a big engineering firm. Now she is a research assistant with the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation.

And as it turns out, she is a good storyteller, too.

Check out the video this Michigan State University graduate student produced to explain her research of the changing climate of Malawi.

Victoria made the video as an output of a free workshop designed to help researchers, scientists and others tell the story of what they’re investigating, and why it’s important.

Telling your research story greatly magnifies its impact among diverse audiences. It helps build financial and political support for what you do.

It’s a skill great for a CV and produces significant assets that you can show to potential employers.

If you’re interested in picking up these skills, contact David Poulson, Michigan State University’s director of translational scholars, at You need not be affiliated with MSU.

We’ll alert you of the next time this free online workshop is offered.  You can earn a certificate of translational scholarship or simply audit the course for what you need.

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