ArtPrize Artists explore Michigan’s abandoned farms and child hunger

Photo: Cheyna Roth
Harlow standing by her piece at ArtPrize.  Photo: Cheyna Roth

The Food Fix went to ArtPrize in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, to talk to people who are taking a more artistic route to better feeding the world.

Art Prize is an independent, international art competition that takes over three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids from September 23rd to October 11th. Anyone over the age of 18 can enter ArtPrize and compete for the public vote and juried prizes.

Exhibitors Kathleen Hodges and Elaine Harlow are raising awareness about abandoned farms and child hunger in Michigan through their art.

Photo: Cheyna Roth
Hodges’ exhibit at ArtPrize. Photo: Cheyna Roth

Hodges was struck by the number of abandoned farms across the United States and what that meant for food prices and availability. Hodges’ exhibit is in the Monarchs Club Corner Tap & Grill.

Harlow uses 31 paintings of various bowls, only 19 with food inside, to demonstrate the hunger that takes place in her own neighborhood in Plainwell, Michigan. Harlow believes that many people fail to see the problems right in front them, and this is her way of making them aware of hunger. Harlow’s exhibit is in the Grand Rapids Downtown Market.

You can check out both exhibits from now until ArtPize is over October 11th.

Listen to the podcast here.

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