Frugal Innovations Practicum students visit Detroit market

U.S. students involved in a Frugal Innovation Practicum first visited a Detroit food market before embarking to Malawi to study markets there.

This video shows their reaction to finding a farming community in a place that some of them did not expect to find one.

The program by Lilongwe University of Agriculture & Natural Resources in Malawi and Michigan State University in the U.S. is an innovative educational effort by the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation.

Here is a text story about the Frugal Innovation Practicum. There are also audio interviews with some of the U.S. students before they visited Malawi and interviews with the same students about what they learned after they came back.

While in the field, some of the students from both the United States and Malawi blogged about their experiences.

To see a documentary about the students’ experience in Malawi, click here.

This video was produced through the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation’s Translational Scholar Corps.

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