Innovator reduces food waste with tiny tracking sensor

Keith Vorst Picture.jpg

A tiny piece of technology may be a simple way to reduce food waste.

Radio-Frequency-Identification tags are as small as a grain of rice, and are used to identify objects as they come closer to a radio frequency scanner.  These tags are used to get into some buildings, to rent DVDs, and tracking food from where it is produced, to where it is stored, and finally to where it is sold. These tags can also keep track of temperature and humidity.

Keith Vorst, an associate professor in the Food Science and Human Nutrition department at Iowa State University, studies how these tags can track food during transportation and distribution. He follows food from the field to the retailer and monitors the food’s safe temperature range. His research may help make food delivery safer and healthier, with minimal food loss.

Listen to the podcast here.

Photo: Keith Vorst

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