International market investigation team meets for first time

The Lions (our group name) of Malawi markets: From left, Rachel, Tao, Kingsley, Baba and Malcom.
The Lions (our group name) of Malawi markets: From left, Rachel, Tao, Kingsley, Baba and Malcom.

By Kinglsey Pendame

Editor’s note: Students from Michigan State University and the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources are exploring frugal market innovations in Malawi. This is one of their reports.

This was the day that I have been waiting for since the start of the online learning. I was eagerly waiting to be with my friends from Michigan State University.

We were at Kumudzi lodge to welcome Dr Stephanie and students from Michigan State University. While waiting for our friends, we were presenting what we found out from our market visit (Kawale Market) to LUANAR faculty members. Each minute was just like an hour because I really wanted to see my friends from Michigan.

The moment I saw Dr Stephanie, Rachel, Chad, Libby, Malcom and the other students from Michigan, I was very happy.  I knew the game has started. It was a wonderful experience to make new friends from abroad. The Michigan students were also happy to see us.

Then Dr Stephanie divided us into groups containing Michigan and LUANAR students. I had a wonderful experience in my group with Rachel, Malcom, Baba and Tao. We were told to write 10 commonalities in our groups. In our group, we had a lot of commonalities and we had a tough time to reduce them  to 10. It was wonderful to see that we have a lot of things in common which will make the coordination very simple.

It was great to meet Malcom. This guy is very cool, a man with few words, but when he speaks, he makes you feel comfortable. I like his gentleness, it was great.

It was also great to meet Rachel. Rachel has a heart for people. She was always checking if I am okay throughout the welcoming party. She speaks a lot with actions than words. You can tell that Rachel likes kids even before she tells you. With Rachel in my group,  I knew I was sorted, everything will be okay. The welcoming party gave me a picture of how I will enjoy the whole practicum. It was amazing!!!!!

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