We’re looking for 10 ideas to make the world less hungry

 The Food Fix is launching a podcast series that steals this idea from one of our favorite prodcasters, Freakonomics.

That one is titled, “10 ideas to make politics less rotten.” The host interviews experts and others about a single idea to bring civility to politics.

We propose something similar: “10 ideas to make the world less hungry.”

Of course solving world hunger will take many more ideas than 10. But we want to closely look at 10 with guests who can articulate them for our podcast series.

Know anyone who fits that bill? How about you? An interesting colleagu

We’re collecting nominations for interesting ideas and interesting guests – they can be researchers, students, government officials, the heads of NGOs, politicians, experts, entrepreneurs.

If you have some suggestions, please shoot an email to David Poulson, the director of translational scholars at Michigan State University’s Global Center for Food Systems Innovation.  He’s at poulsondavid@gmail.com

Include the name of the speaker, organization they represent, a very short description of the idea and how we can get in touch.

And don’t be shy about nominating yourself.

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