Fighting hidden hunger with biofortified plants

Hugo Campos

By Max Johnston

There is a form of hunger afflicting people worldwide that you can’t see.

That’s called ‘hidden hunger’––when people may be eating regularly, but still suffer from deficiencies or malnutrition.

Hugo Campos is the director of research at the International Potato Center in Lima, Peru. He says that a process called biofortification may help.

That’s when plant breeders grow crops with additional nutrition and vitamins. Biofortified crops are an effective way to tackle hiding hunger, Campos said.

“Someone might have a normal appearance, but [they] might have anemia issues, or [they] might not be receiving the right amount of content that’s really important for his or her health,” he said.

Biofortification has broad benefits.

“You develop varieties which are not only producing value for the farmer,” Campos said. “They produce value for the consumers.”

In this episode of our ongoing series, “10 ideas to make the world less hungry,” Campos talks about the role of biofortification in feeding the world.

Listen here.

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