Deep Fried Clouds: Fried Food may be Changing our Weather

deep fryer.jpg

By Max Johnston

To some, like myself, fried food is a delicacy. While frying some chicken in fat is delicious, it can harm our atmosphere.

The oil used in deep frying emits aerosols, small particles of solids and liquids, into the air. In London 10 percent of all airborne aerosols come from deep fryers alone.

And that frying could be affecting our weather.

These aerosols are all around us. They’re emitted by everything from hairspray to inhalers. For a long time it’s been thought that aerosols are bad for the environment. They erode the earth’s ozone layer and contribute to climate change.

But researchers out of The University of Bath in the United Kingdom looked at the aerosols emitted from deep fryers. They say it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Listen to that story here.

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