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Innovator creates solar powered irrigation system

Pechulano interviews
Pechulano (with headphones) and innovator Ndeta Beuma’a

In the African country of Cameroon, the lack of readily available water during the dry season can hurt a farmer’s ability to grow crops all year.

Ndeta Beuma’a, a master’s student in power systems engineering, faculty of engineering and technology at the University of Buea in Cameroon, has developed a solar powered irrigation system that automatically brings water to crops when they need them.

His system may let farmers irrigate their crops during the dry season and in dry soils, allowing the crops to grow throughout the year.

Photo: Pechulano Ali

Listen to the podcast here.

Practical Utility Platform Vehicles


Transporting a crop to market can be incredibly challenging in Sub-Saharan Africa. Roads are poorly maintained. Access to a bike, cart, or motorcycle or truck is limited. That leaves the good old-fashioned option of carrying it. Not fun or easy.

Jeremy Robison is a master’s student in the school of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University. He and a fellow student David Wilson are working in Cameroon on a project called the Practical Utility Platform Vehicle, or PUP, seen in this photo. They are also trying to understand how farmers will actually respond to this innovation once it is launched in the community.

Listen to the podcast here.