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Videos created by The Food Fix staff and others affiliated with the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation

Dissecting a research story

By David Poulson

In this lesson we demonstrate several techniques for telling a research story.

First we’ll tell you a story about some interesting research. Then we’ll go back and highlight the techniques used in telling it. They’re all simple ideas that you can adapt yourself as you seek to connect your research with the public

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Think your field is technical? Try this translational challenge

By David Poulson

Do you work in a highly technical field that no one can understand without intensive training?

Think again.

We often assume that no one can understand what we do without grasping the specialized language of our research community. But we can’t insist that others learn our language – our jargon – so that we can engage them with stories of what we do.

The responsibility for translation is ours.

This short video gives some tips for dejargonizing explanation.  And it will surprise you with an example of the kind of highly technical stories we already tell each other.

You can do this.  You already do.

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The active voice invigorates research stories

One of the fastest ways of sharpening up a research story is to write it in the active voice.

But it’s tricky. Many researchers are trained and encouraged to use a passive construction when writing up their work.

Some academic journals may even require the passive voice as a way of distancing the researcher from the research – almost as if it compromises the ability for the science to stand on its own.

Perhaps that works for journal publications. But it’s a lousy way to tell a story. Check out this video’s tips for tight, vigorous research writing by eliminating the passive voice.

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