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Diversifying a life-giving crop

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“Maize is Life.” This is what Erin Anders heard over and over from farmers in Malawi. Even though Malawians say “Maize is Life,” it is not actually very nutritious, and malnutrition is a big problem in Malawi. Erin, at left in this image, explains how farmers in Malawi are adding a highly nutritious crop called pigeon pea to their fields.

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Tanzanian farmers and climate change

OlsonPodcastTanzania is an East African country with an economy that depends on crops like corn and rice. Climate change is causing warmer temperatures and unpredictable rainfall in Tanzania, and crop yields are suffering.  Not all farmers are affected equally. Small farms are impacted more than large farms, and women farmers have additional obstacles that make adapting to climate change extra difficult.

Jennifer Olson, far right above, is an associate professor in the Department of Media and Information at Michigan State University. Listen to her describe her research on how the climate is changing in Tanzania, and how that change affects Tanzanian farmers.

Maize and the Pigeon Pea

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Text: Kasey Worst

Images: Erin Anders, Vicki Morrone, Isaac Jambo

Before she left to do research for the Global Center for Food Systems Innovations in Malawi, Erin Anders’ professor told her a saying from that country:

“Maize is life.”

It is a phrase Anders said she did not understand then. But after spending May through August of 2014 in the

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