Great Lakes aquaculture has growth potential

MichAquacultureYou might not guess that Michigan is a haven for seafood since it is so far from the ocean. But the state has long had thriving commercial fisheries. And it has the potential for growth in both Canada and the U.S.  Jim Diana recently organized The First Annual Seafood Summit at Michigan State University.  Here he discusses the potential for aquaculture in the binational Great Lakes.

This interview by Mark Bashore aired on WKAR’s Current State program.  The Food Fix staff did the pre-production work.

Photo: Jim Diana

Student researcher models rain in Malawi

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In Malawi, farmers can only plant their main food crops during the rainy season. If the timing of the planting and the rains are out of sync, their families won’t have enough to eat. Victoria Breeze, seen in this photo, is a student in the Department of Geography at Michigan State University. She is researching changing rainfall patterns in Malawi, and setting up weather stations to collect rainfall data.

Listen to an interview with her here.

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